Do you want to attract more prosperity, good health, peace of mind, happiness, love and meaningful relationships into your life?
For millennia mystics and royalty of the East have known the secret of easily influencing a person's destiny through powerful combinations of astrological gemstones. Of all the planetary jewelry recommended, the Navaratna (nine gemstone) setting is revered as the best and is therefore known as the King of Astrological Jewelry.  Now you can discover and utilize the powerful energy of the Navaratna talismans to successfully bring about positive changes in your life!
Planetary Gemstones is honored to make available these elegant talismans (pendant, earrings, bracelet and ring) crafted with sterling silver, gold or gold plated sterling silver and set with nine astrological gemstones in a contemporary design.
Navaratna Astrological Jewelry
The Bearer of Good Health, Prosperity, Happiness, and Peace of Mind
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“I enjoyed my previously ordered jewelry so much that now I want to give one as a gift.”  —Deborah G., NE