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Planetary and Gemstone Influences


Gives health and removes obstacles. The Sun influences a personís potential in the realm of self-confidence, assertiveness, strength of will and independence.

Gem: Ruby

Semi-Precious Stones: Red garnet, red spinel and red tourmaline.

These gemstones enhance overall good health, strength, vitality, willpower and determination. They promote good fortune, optimism, authority, intelligence and success.



Governs the mind, emotions, moods and contentment in life. The Moon influences intimacy, friendship, attachment and love.

Gem: Pearl

Semi-Precious Stones: Moonstone and freshwater pearl.

These gemstones encourage feelings
of compassion and love and
have a calming and peaceful effect
on the mind. They increase wealth,
popularity, fortune and good health.
They strengthen the female reproductive
system and improve fertility.


Governs independence and the masculine nature. Mars influences the success drive and the ability to carry things to completion. It is also responsible for healthy blood and its circulation.

Gem: Red coral

Semi-Precious Stones: Carnelian and bloodstone.

These gemstones increase vitality and courage and remove dangers and obstacles. They enhance sexual desire, especially in men. They strengthen the blood and reproductive system, improve energy and reinforce decisiveness.


Governs commerce, investment, education, comprehension and calculation. Mercury influences writing, ease of expression and tact.

Gem: Green emerald

Semi-Precious Stones: Aquamarine, peridot, green jade and green tourmaline.

These gemstones enhance wealth, memory and discretion. They are good for creativity, communication skills and success in business. They calm the nervous system and improve eyesight, focus and intelligence.


Governs good fortune, wealth and success. Fosters physical health by giving strength, vitality and immunity. Jupiter enhances joy and a positive spirit.

Gem: Yellow sapphire

Semi-Precious Stones: Yellow topaz, citrine, yellow tourmaline and beryl.

These gemstones enhance happiness, 
prosperity, fame, comfort and wealth. They influence the ability to concentrate and bring a philosophical attitude toward life. They are most effective for promoting good health and a sense of well-being.


Governs beauty, charm, grace, romance and the expression of love. Signs of Venusí influence are good taste and refinement. Controls the reproductive and immune systems.

Gem: Diamond

Semi-Precious Stones: Natural zircon, white topaz and white sapphire.

These gemstones enhance marital bliss, mental and physical purity, fearlessness, patience and good behavior. They promote happiness, prosperity, comfort, artistic ability and creativity.


Gives order, stability, good reputation,
success, prosperity, magnanimity,
detachment and perseverance. Saturn
can bring a desire for solitude and an interest in self-realization.

Gem: Blue sapphire

Semi-Precious Stones: Lapis lazuli,
blue topaz, blue spinel, cordierite,
amethyst and blue zoisite.

These gemstones enhance wealth, fame, health, happiness, prosperity, a long life and mental peace. They give protection from danger and increase detachment.


Governs fearlessness and perception
of truth. Positive influences are
heightened awareness, popularity,
detachment and self-fulfillment.

Gem: Hessonite (Cinnamon stone)

Semi-Precious Stones: Orange
zircon, spessartite and orange garnet.

These gemstones enhance success and the removal of opponents and obstacles. They promote peace of mind and increase calm by removing mental stress. They also enhance health and cheerfulness and give protection against rivals and adversaries.


Governs wisdom and aids in the cultivation of spirituality. 

Gem: Catís eye

Semi-Precious Stones: Beryl,
fibrolite and tourmaline catís eye.

These gemstones enhance psychic and spiritual perception. They increase health by diminishing obsessive, compulsive and addictive behaviors, and are helpful with mental disorders. They give protection from hidden enemies and dangers and aid in the removal of bad dreams.



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